Food and Housing

All camp participants will receive daily lunches as part of their registration.

Optional Campus Food and Housing Package includes:

Food (all meals): Monday, June 25 dinner through Saturday, July 7 breakfast

Housing: Monday night, June 25, through Friday night, July 6. Checkout is Saturday morning by 9:00 a.m.


All camp participants will receive daily lunches as part of their registration.

For those who purchase the Optional Campus Food and Housing Package and stay in the residence halls, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, courtesy of the campus cafeterias.

If you are wondering whether you will be hungry and craving home-cooked meals, don’t worry. BYU has fabulous dining halls where all workshop participants will enjoy buffet-style meals. If the cafeterias don’t suit your fancy, there are several alternatives, such as the Cougareat and the Creamery, where you are welcome to purchase whatever you wish at your own cost.


You may decide to stay in the residence halls during your camp experience. You can request a friend as a roommate, or you can choose to roll solo and make a new friend. The residence halls are great places to relax, play some games with new friends, and possibly even get some rest after a full day at camp.

A camp counselor will be there for you and your new friends. You will have a wonderful time getting to know your counselor and come to love and look up to him or her. The camp counselors are current BYU students, so feel free to ask any of them about their college experience. These camp counselors will also be great friends to you if the week gets a little overwhelming.

Separate residence hall buildings are provided for girls and boys. Be sure to remember that the opposite sex is never allowed in your bedrooms. You can hang out with your new guy friends or girl friends in the residence hall lobbies. You also should be involved in the camp activities during the day rather than wasting your time away in the residence halls. Slackers usually are not our most beloved and favored, so beware.

To make your camp experience pleasant for you and everyone else, make sure to bring enough clean clothes, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and any other toiletries necessary to look and smell your very best. Towel exchange happens every Wednesday, so if you have a big thing for fresh, clean towels, bring extra.