This year for the musical theatre track, we would like you to audition before camp starts. Because we are tackling a big production in The Phantom of the Opera the directors would like to pre cast before camp starts. Please follow directions below in submitting your audition videos. 

Audition information for 2018 will be updated in March. 

  1. For your recording
    1. Tell us your full name and where you live (city).
    2. Please place the camera close enough to see your face clearly.
    3. Please make sure your video is clear, in focus, and has plenty of light.
    4. Verify that your sound is clear enough to be easily heard.
  2. Which song you will sing will depend on which part you are auditioning for. Each Les Mis character has a specified song (see the list). You will sing at least 1 verse or the part of the song that best showcases your voice.
    1. Fantine – I Dreamed a Dream
    2. Valjean – Who am I?
    3. Young Cosette – Castle on a Cloud
    4. Javert – Stars
    5. Eponine – On my Own
    6. Marius - Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
    7. Thernardier – Master of the House
    8. Enjolras – Do you Hear the People Sing?
    9. Cosette –  In my Life
    10. If you are not interested in a specific role, choose any song from the above list and mention (in your recording and Audition form) that you’re not auditioning for one specific role.
  3. Upload your video to an online video-site like YouTube or Vimeo. IMPORTANT: We will be unable to view videos set to "private." We recommend setting your privacy settings to "UNLISTED" although "Public" is also acceptable.
  4. Please complete the Audition form (see below) and email it to
    1. The form has a questionnaire including space where you may post the URL address for your video
  5. You may access digital tracks through the following link and access code:  The Access Code is: 3jg3m. Please see the “Audition Information” document below for more information.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Please submit your video (via the online form) by midnight, Friday, June 2, 2017. 

Audition Information

Audition Form